Nebraska Bean, Inc. provides our Morrison Farms brand of beans to:

  • Canners
  • Repackagers
  • Food Service
  • Grocery and Other Retail Markets

Our customers range in size from small (less than one container per year) to very large (several containers per month), and from very price conscious to some with the very highest quality requirements in the world.

When you choose the Morrison Farms brand, your purchases are nearly as "direct" as possible.  Even our processing and packaging facilities are located at the family farm in rural Clearwater, Nebraska, where we can take a more active role in variety testing, selection and development, and assist in the management of the crops as they are grown, helping to ensure quality through proper irrigation, minimizing damage through insect control, and minimizing mechanical damage during the harvesting of the raw beans.  Some of the other factors that set us apart include our emphasis on:

  • Individual lot preservation
  • Product "conditioning"
  • Gentle product handling throughout storage, processing, and packaging
  • Polishing
  • Electronic color sorting
  • Testing and record keeping to ensure consistency in our shipments based on each customer's individual needs
  • Flexibility and dependability

Make the move to the Morrison Farms brand of quality and service.  Please contact us to discuss your particular bean needs.

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Domestic (USA) Sales

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International Sales

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